Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Wheels on the Bus...

Even after going back on the steroids, the urgency didn't seem to resolve.  Over the past week, the urgency and pain have continued to increase.  The pain is starting to feel very similar to that of late last year, which ended up being the abscess.  Thankfully it's not in the tailbone, which was debilitating, but more in the canal area, which feels more like being stabbed with a hot ice pick.

I currently have a call into the doctors to determine what's the next course of action.  Upping the steroids will likely make me feel better, but won't necessarily fix the problem, as we played that game from November through February.  My next appointment is still over 2 weeks out, but I'd be happy to go get another scope/xray/cat scan - anything to get ahead of the game rather than waiting.  The percocet is helping take the pain away and also solidify some of the output, but I realize, much like the steroids, they only help you "feel" better, not fix the problem.  It's been 6 months - I'm ready to be fixed.

We're to be testing the golf ability this weekend, so we'll see how that goes:  That and travel may make for a long weekend.  At least I get to see my new (and first) niece!

Friday, April 9, 2010

One Little Victory

I had my followup appointment today to assess how things have been since coming off the steroids.  Other than a little acne (feeling 18 again), things had been pretty good over the past few weeks.  Unfortunately, the last two days have been outta sorts with joint pain and much more urgency with the movements.  The abscess seems to have healed, but the pouch seems to be a little angry and inflammed.  The doctors think coming off the steroids was a little too fast for me and being on them for so long.  (Go figure - I didn't respond as most people do.) As a result, I am going back on them for the next 5 weeks:  This will result in a longer taper and hopefully more time for my body to adjust.

With the abscess healing, the doctors are okay with me going back to work after getting re-acclimated to the steroids.  This is a victory as I can get off disability and back to work.  Ideally, I'd love to be healed completely before going back, but the steroids and antibiotics at this point are mostly maintenance (we think) and should be off of them soon.  Also, if I have to go back for further surgeries, I'd like for my management to remember who I am before I'd have to go back out again.  (There are none expected at this time, but I've learned to always plan for the worst and hope for the best.)

My next followup isn't for another 4 weeks, at which point we can access how the steroids are doing.  If they aren't working in the next week, then it may be something other than pouchitis.  I'm hoping this clears up and stays away after the steroid taper:  Chronic pouchitis is something that I really want to avoid as being on medication for the rest of my life to regulate that inflammation is something that would make me investigate other options.