Sunday, December 19, 2010

Double Check Your Clip

Well, after mentioning just yesterday I only had a few leaks, I had my best leak yet.  After using the restroom at lunch in a restaurant yesterday, I must have, at some point, forgot to check my clip was closed.  It didn't become obvious at first, until I stood up about 20 minutes later (after some great Mexican), and felt a warmth in a spot I shouldn't.  As I made a break to the restroom, I felt my clip somewhere mid thigh: I knew at that point, that was all she wrote.  Sure enough, it was open, completely, and ran down my leg.

Thankfully, denim is a little more resistant than I thought, and after some cleanup (thank God for a fully stocked bathroom), it still looked like I had at least wet myself down to my knee.  My jacket wasn't long enough to cover up the whole thing, so I was pretty much reserved that here we go!  We were completed with dinner and leaving anyways, so I walked through the joint, coat in hand and just went with the flow.  All we could do was laugh on the way out and chuckle at how the mall "was gonna be a little delayed" and "did it just warmer in here?"  A load of laundry and a quick shower and the episode was behind us.

Other than a few obvious stares, it's really nothing to deal other than your own embarrassment.  Don't let it eat at you:  Normalcy is a state of mind - Have your own state.  Be comfortable in your skin and learn from that moment.  Bet I'll remember to double check my clip from now on and I'll always have an entertaining story to tell (and retell!)

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  1. Merry Christmas...a bit late. I hope 2011 is filled with happiness for you. It seems as if I need to back up and read some of your postings.
    Healthy wishes for you my friend, ML