Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sprung a Leak

We got the results from my blood test yesterday and things are heading in the right direction.  My white blood count was still a tad high, but lower than it was when I left the hospital last week.  They think this may be a result of still being on the prednisone.  My hemoglobin was still a little low, but higher than it was upon discharge.  They expect this to continue it's rise as I start to eat more and regain more of the blood lost while I was bleeding out.  Again, all in due time.  I'll have another CBC next week to compare the numbers and see how they compare.

While trying to clean out my bag last tonight with a little water, I sprung a leak around the wafer.  Not sure how long it's been there, as my output has been so thick, I don't think it would have actually worked it's way out.  I haven't been using water to clean it out, as I'm not offended by the smell and the thickness just means a little left over each time.  Go figure!  It took a little longer than expected, especially at 12:30 AM and after the Stanley Cup game (go hawks), as I had to reshape the opening as my stoma had shrunk quite a bit.  It's also closer to my skin and hope that it doesn't start to invert:  I really do not want to have a revision to make any changes to the stoma.  I'm hoping she just heals nice and perfect.  [Yes for some reason, it's a female, like a car, or a boat.  I can't explain why, it just happened that way and stuck.  Yes, I have some entertaining jokes that go along with this, but I'll spare my female readers but know my wife slugs me for it.]

I'm hoping to see my stellar ostomy nurse tomorrow with my surgeon to discuss the stoma and other ostomy options.  I worked in a belt today to help the wafer stay on, much like when I had my temporary and my convex wafer.  I may have to go down that route for this one as well:  Just the nature of me being skinny and my stoma.  It's not much different and the belt helps hold the bag on.  I think this was the main reason I had no leaks or bag failures with my temporary last year.  Why buck a good thing!  My plan is to contact the different ostomy suppliers and get some samples and test drive a few other products.  Considering I'm going to be rocking this out for life, I might as well get the product that works best for me and one I like.

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