Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Waiting to Sit

My strength is slowly coming back, allowing me to be a little more active throughout the day.  This may only entail a single walk around the block, but it's much more than up to the stop sign it was last week.  The pain in the drain and the stitching has gotten a little worse with the activity, as is in some of the lapo sites, but I'll take that knowing that I'm moving more.

I'm eating like a horse and starting to eat those things I couldn't eat before with the JPouch.  This entails small bits of cheese (hey pizza or subs), Boost energy drink (yeah protein), broccoli (hey green veggies) and chocolate (omg, thank you.)  This unfortunately has increased my output, but I'll take the trade-offs.  Once I get back into the swing, I can manage that with Immodium and that's one drug I don't mind taking.

I ditched the antibiotics on Saturday and only have the steroids to go.  Unfortunately, I've developed a nice little rash, something of the jock itch sort, since I've come off them.  Can't say they are related, but ironically around the same time.  Let's hope a little Gold Bond and A&D takes care of it.  No more pills please.  Being of the antibiotics has softened my output as well (not sure which has more of an impact):  I've started on some probiotics to try and get some good stuff in me, considering I've probably nuked all the flora in my system in the last 7 months.  Here's to having some severe gas!  Nice to now I only have to burp the bag and not try to figure out how to pass gas without crapping my pants.  Ileostomy 1, JPouch 0.

I had blood drawn yesterday, but won't find the results until Friday when I have my followups with Infectious Disease and my surgeons.  Not sure what to expect during those visits, but that's half the fun now isn't it.  I'm still not sitting, although was able to manage in the car for the short drive to get the blood drawn.  Let's hope that Friday goes the same:  It's longer and bumpier.

Good luck to the USA WC football team:  We need a win to move into bracket play!

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