Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Thumbs up

Today, we met with Infectious Disease to get a check on my numbers and see how things have been going.  Looking at me, they couldn't believe that I was sick as I was the week prior, and other than being a little skinny, they were happy with my results.  I am still awaiting to hear my latest blood test results, but all signs are feeling like they are going to be good.  I have to stay on the Zyvox until at least Friday until I see my surgeon and determine how long they agree for me to be on it.  (I guess there was a little headbutting about that when I was discharged, so it's a "joint" decision.)

I have been able to get in and out of bed a little easier each day and now alternate legs going up and down the stairs.  I only have pain around the penrose drain in the buttuck and the lower lapo site in the stomach.  I made it to the mailbox today to shoot the breeze with my neighbors, but after about 45 minutes, that was vertical enough and I had to go in and lie down.  I do get stronger by the day and I just "feel" better.  It's tough to explain, but even being this weak and the pain, my body just seems to be comfortable:  I have no idea if it's mental or physical, but it definitely helps me mentally.  I haven't been in this good of spirits in a while and I'm always in a good mood!

My wife has been a champ changing the dressing on the penrose drain.  It's been nice to get into the shower daily and just be clean (no, she isn't joining me...)  We aren't sure how long this is going to be in, but the sutures finally blew out last evening, which was quite painful, but it feels bettter today:  I'm assuming now that the sutures aren't tugging, it's just waiting to come out.  We have no idea how long it is or when it will come out, but we'll get more information when I see the surgeons on Firiday.  I can't imagine how people do this by themselves:  I can't see it without two mirrors and trying to tape all this together would be impossible (or at least very difficult.)

Today was the first day I tried to sit, and that was only because I had to get into the car.  With the cushion, it wasn't terrible, but it was far from enjoyable.  Sitting on anything like a chair or an examination table (skipped that one) is painful unless I try to seriously skew the buttock I sit on and that just makes my back and hips angry:  Standing is the best option other than lying down.   I have a feeling this is how it's going to be until this drain is removed.

My appetite has returned with vengeance:  I had a panini today with cheese on it and it was heaven:  Being away from dairy for the last seven months made me savor every bite.  I can't wait to be back to one hundred percent and eat whatever I want.  Soon, but not right now, but we'll get there.  Every day is progress, even if it's baby steps.  It's not much to count in quantity, but the quality is great.  The stoma has been working as expected, the output is thicker than before, and the pain is manageable.  Now that's a thumbs up.

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